Welcome to my blog! My name is Erin.  I’m a food-loving mom of 2 busy little boys and 1 little girl.  I find a lot of joy creating delicious food for the people I love.  I eat 100% gluten-free because of celiac disease. I also eat mostly dairy-free. I have a bachelor’s degree in food science and am currently working on my master’s degree in nutrition. My family does not have food allergies, but I think they’d say they definitely don’t feel deprived eating mostly gluten-free with me at home. My goal is to create easy-to-prepare, approachable gluten-free food that anyone will enjoy!


In 2012, life threw us a curveball when I was diagnosed with celiac disease. Celiac disease is an autoimmune condition that can be triggered by a traumatic event such as pregnancy, like in my case. My oldest son was 1 year old when we finally figured out what was going on. I have always loved food and the diagnosis was devastating to me at first. At the same time, research shows it can take years for people with celiac disease to get a correct diagnosis because celiac can have so many unexplained symptoms, so I consider it a blessing I found out what was going on as soon as I did. Though adjusting to gluten-free life was difficult at first, I started to feel so much better. Eating gluten-free is now a normal part of life for my family and I. I hope the recipes on this site can make it that way for you and your family as well!


Finding balance in my diet was a process when I went gluten-free. I have come to realize that eating a balanced diet including gluten-free grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, and some treats works best for me. Because I love cookies! And having an occasional delicious treat makes my gluten-free diet sustainable. In 2013, I bit the bullet and cut out most dairy. Many people with celiac disease also react to the protein casein in milk. I had some unresolved symptoms and ditching most dairy helped me fully recover. I now only eat small amounts of dairy, but have reintroduced butter and some cheese.

Overall now I practice the 80/20 rule. You’ll find lots of healthy breakfast ideas, quick dinners, and healthier treats on my blog. But you’ll also find some true indulgences for special occasions or times when you want the real-deal. For me, it’s all about the balance between living a healthy life, yet not feeling deprived.


Over the years I’ve found a favorite combination of gluten-free flours for baked goods. I call this my Grain-Free Flour Blend. I absolutely love the texture and flavor I get when I use it in gluten-free baked goods. It is also higher in fiber, protein, and nutrients that other gluten-free blends, making these indulgences a little healthier. You can read more about my favorite flour blend here.


If you have questions or comments about recipes, gluten-free diets, or just want to say hello I would love to hear from you! I can be reached at or on my Facebook page. Contact me.