Growing up, my Mom frequently made us Cream of Wheat for breakfast. We liked it so much that sometimes on nights when there was no time to cook, we would have Cream of Wheat for dinner. We kids all thought it was the biggest treat ever. The irony that we would prefer Cream of Wheat to the usual, more time-consuming homemade meals is not lost on me. I can see the same situation now that I have a  2-year-old. He thinks box macaroni and cheese is the biggest treat in the world, in contrast to the usual healthy, homemade dinners I try to make. Luckily he usually eats what we eat. I definitely count my blessings that he is a good eater!


A more appropriate name for Cream of Wheat at this point in my life is Cream of Death. Since I usually can’t handle oats (even gluten-free oats), I have been missing hot breakfast cereal. But this amaranth breakfast bowl is completely delicious! I can confidently say that it is even more delicious than any bowl of Cream of Wheat I’ve ever had. The fact that amaranth is full of protein and fiber is a great plus.


Amaranth is a kind of similar to quinoa, but much small with a different taste. When cooked up in this breakfast bowl, it is creamy with a delicious texture. I didn’t think I would like amaranth this much, so I was happily surprised. Cheers for adding hot breakfast cereal back into my life!