This year I went to Expo West for my first time as a blogger! If you don’t know what Expo West is, it’s basically a huge natural foods trade show where thousands of companies come to share their products with buyers, stores and more. Over 80,000 people attend the convention in Anaheim, CA –  so it is crazy town! The show isn’t open to the public, but bloggers can get in with a press pass. It was so fun to go and try hundreds of new products – some from companies I already love and others from new companies I discovered.

Hanging out with my friends Chandice from This Vivacious Life and Abbey from The Butter Half!

Of all the products I tried, here are my top picks from Expo West 2017! Disclaimer – I am 16 weeks pregnant and while I was mostly over morning sickness during the convention, my taste buds were still slightly off the whole weekend. There are some things I just can’t do when I’m in early pregnancy. Basically any jerky or meat products sounded terrible (it wasn’t a good time to decide if I liked fried paleo pork rinds!), so this round-up is according to my very biased, carb-craving pregnancy tastebuds. This pregnancy has been so different than my last! Last time all I wanted was eggs and savory breakfast foods. This time it has been carbs all the way. That being said, there are still some healthier and awesome products I would love pregnant or not!

New Made in Nature Products

I am in love with some of the new products from one of my favorite companies Made in Nature. These savory Tavern Style Onion Rings are unbelievably good! They taste like the best potato chip you’ve ever had – only healthier. The are dried, not fried and would be so tasty if you’re wanting a savory/salty snack!

Speaking of savory snacks, Made in Nature has also started making snack-size bags of these tasty Pow Pow Nuts!

I love how convenient the little bags are. Sometimes I want to throw something in my diaper bag for myself or my boys for later, but don’t want the hassle of bringing an entire large bag. These are perfect for that! I also love the savory flavors these Pow Pow Nuts come in like Chipotle Garlic and Sweet Heat.

I have already been a fan of Made in Nature Figgy Pops, but these new nut-butter-filled Figgy Pops are a whole other level of delicious. These also come in a convenient snack size!


Unreal Chocolate and Candy

I had never heard of Unreal Candy before the Expo but was an instant fan. They make all their candy with no food dye. All their products are non-gmo and gluten-free! I could see their Dark Chocolate Peanut Gems (think MMs but way better) becoming my new favorite movie treat. I also love, loved these Dark Chocolate Crispy Quinoa Gems. 

Cocomels Coconut Milk Caramels

I’ve loved Cocomel coconut milk caramels for awhile now. They are soft, creamy dairy-free caramels. I’m excited about Cocomel’s new Cocomel Bites that are coming out! They are like mini caramels coated in chocolate. It’s not everyday you find treats like this that are dairy-free.

Siete Family Foods Grain-Free Tortilla Chips

Siete family foods is a family-run company (the family was in the booth and they were so nice!) that makes grain-free Mexican food products. I’ve used and love their almond flour tortillas, and these new grain-free tortilla chips were delicious! These are perfect if you have a corn intolerance like so many people with celiac and gluten sensitivity do.

CauliPower Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Have you tried cauliflower crust pizza? It’s surprisingly delicious, but can be so time-consuming to make at home. I was happy to find this new product from CauliPower at the Expo! These are frozen cauliflower crust pizzas and they taste amazing. The company was started by a Mom with sons who have celiac disease. So she totally gets it! These pizzas would be great to have stocked in the freezer for busy nights. And I would love giving it to my kids because it is so healthy and tasty!

Sir Kensington’s Squeezable Products

I’ve long been a fan of Sir Kensington’s condiments. They are full of good ingredients and I use their mayonnaise all the time. I was excited to see they now have a line of squeezable products! If you have an egg-allergy, they also just came out with an amazing egg-free mayonnaise made with aquafaba (from chickpeas).

Hannah Miller Cookie Chips

Have you ever seen cookie chips at the store and wished they were gluten-free? Now they are! They have this Lemon Sugar flavor that is one of the best gluten-free cookies I’ve had. They are crispy and almost refreshing-tasting in a way. So good!

Free 2B Snack Breaks

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen me post about Free2B treats. They are Top-8 (even top-12) allergen-free and seriously good! Some top-8 products aren’t that good, but Free2B’s are amazing. I can’t stop thinking about this Blueberry Crunch Snack Breaks Chocolate!

Sweet Lorens Place & Bake Gluten-Free Cookie Dough

I was seriously surprised at how good these gluten-free place & bake cookies form Sweet Loren’s were! I had never heard of Sweet Loren’s before, but I hope I can find these cookies at a store soon. I  haven’t found a product like this that actually tastes good. Sometimes you just need something easy and these are also warm, chewy and delicious.

RPs Pasta Company Gluten-Free Four Cheese Torelloni

Best-tasting gluten-free tortelloni ever! All of RPs Pasta Company gluten-free fresh pasta is fabulous. I had never tried their tortelloni and was amazed at the texture. It’s not mushy at all! Next time I’m at Whole Foods I’ll definitely pick up a pack of these for my kids.

Follow Your Heart Rocket Cakes

I thought this squeezable, already mixed gluten-free/vegan pancake batter from Follow Your Heart was a great product idea! I love making pancakes from scratch on Saturday mornings (my favorite recipe here), but this would be a fun product to have around for summer camping trips. It doesn’t get easier than squeeze and cook!

YumEarth Organic Sour Twists

YumEarth makes the tastiest gluten-free pomegranate licorice (and only GF licorice I’ve found!). I always buy it at Sprouts. They also sampled a new product at the Expo – these Watermelon Lemonade Sour Twists – and they are so good! YumEarth makes all their candy non-GMO, organic and dye-free. I hope these sour twists come to stores around me soon.

The Good Crisp GF Potato Crisps

After 2 long days of walking and sampling, I was exhausted by the end of the day Saturday! However after tasting these potato crisps from The Good Crisp I was so excited. They are a cleaner, natural alternative to Pringles, but taste even better than I remember Pringles tasting. This is a new company that just launched this product, so I hope they hit stores soon. I couldn’t be trusted around a whole container of these! Yum!


It was such a fun weekend hanging out with my blogging friends and attending the Expo! There were so many fun products (these are my favorite stand-outs) that I can’t wait to find in stores. It took me about a week to recover from the craziness and lack of sleep of the Expo weekend (coupled with daylight savings and a toddler that doesn’t get time change right when I got back!) but it was well worth it!