These month in review posts are quickly becoming my favorite posts to write. They are the posts where I don’t worry about perfect pictures and can talk real life!

Like how this happy face lasted all of 20 minutes in the beginning of our road trip to Escalante, UT. My husband’s family used to own a ranch in Escalante that they sold when he was 12. Now their friends own it and it’s a bed and breakfast! We went down for a long weekend with his parents. 20160414_154806

The ranch sits on a property where they’ve found a lot of Indian paintings and artifacts. One night an archaeology professor from the University of Utah gave a talk to a group at the lodge about an ancient strain of potatoes that they’ve rediscovered and are trying to bring back. So fascinating! #nerdalert


This face! It should be a emoicon of it’s own.

20160416_100055Hiking the petrified forest trail!
20160416_154303Bryce Canyon!20160416_155334Note my giant sweater. Thanks to father-in-law for lending it to me after I seriously underestimated the weather. The ironic part is I’m a chronic over-packer and while I was getting ready for the trip I thought “I’m not going to overpack this time!”

It was a fun trip! Gluten-free food was hard to come by in the small town,  but luckily I packed a bunch of food of my own (like this kale salad). There was one restaurant in the town that had gluten-free pizza. I was also reminded how much I used to love bran muffins at the breakfast every morning. I need to recreate them to be gluten-free!

20160422_134036Best way to eat raspberries!
20160429_163747Warm weather! Swinging boy!20160501_220331My son’s preschool is legit. I can edit a digital photo?! Guess it’s time to start handing some of the work over to my 5-year-old. 


Not the prettiest but so delicious! Sweet potato turkey hash made with organic ground turkey and sweet potatoes diced in the food processor. It makes a hearty and filling breakfast!

20160503_111830Babies in overalls are the absolute best. 

20160503_121404Writing his name at our favorite burger place. Cheeseburgers are hands down my favorite way to indulge. Our favorite place has locally made gluten-free buns. So good!

20160503_144833Some products that caught my eye at Sprouts! Coconut milk sweetened condensed milk! I bought some and can’t wait to experiment. I bet it would a great shortcut in these Grain-Free Magic Cookie Bars.

20160503_144849Tried this and I love it. I soak it overnight in water with some lemon juice to make it more digestible. It’s so good with cashew cream!
20160503_184427We’ve been really into broccoli sprouts lately. They are so good for you! And surprisingly Scotty loves them!

IMG_20160420_121709Cutest 4-eyes I’ve ever seen! Turns out this guy is blind like his Mom and Dad.