20150806_151959Here’s what’s been going on in my kitchen this past month! (With a little bit of life in-between…) I’m always looking for ideas of what people on a gluten/dairy-free diet eat on a daily basis. So here’s what I’ve been eating if you need some extra inspiration! Our homemade popsicle craze continued. I think our very favorite combination is peach/cashew cream. I made these inspired by this recipe.


Hanging out with my favorite 4-year-old. He is looking so old to me in this picture! He started preschool again 2 weeks ago. I’m glad it’s only 3 hours a day because I’m not ready to share him for much longer than that yet!


August means dinner on the grill! Grilled Island Chicken and sweet potato skewers seasoned with chili powder, cumin, and garlic.

20150807_113319We went raspberry picking at a nearby farm. The raspberry patch was run by the sweetest old man you’ve ever met. And the raspberries tasted as delicious as they look. We turned some of them into homemade dairy-free raspberry ice cream. The rest I made into freezer jam. It will be delicious inside these crepes for months to come.


20150808_160859One of my favorite ways to dress up gluten-free toast – hummus, good tomatoes, avocado, salt & pepper, and a drizzle of olive oil.


Grilled marinated mustard chicken (from this recipe, I think the sauce would be even better on beef tenderloin kebabs), skillet Yukon gold potatoes, and marinated cucumber tomato salad.

20150805_185838Baby Graham went crazy trying to eat my husbands corn on the cob the other night. For a baby who rarely cries, it was funny to see the giant fit he threw when we finally took it away.


Eating some broccoli of this own! We are trying to give him mostly real food that we’re eating for dinner, rather than all purees. I read the book Baby Led Weaning and it just makes sense. I’m sure I’ll still do an occasional puree, but for now he is loving trying to figure out how to eat himself.


Beautiful wild flowers!
IMG_8355 (1)Making s’moreos on the grill! Basically s’mores made with gluten-free Trader Joe’s oreos (Joe-Joe’s).

IMG_8356 (1)

IMG_8558I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day…

20150811_181322Pan-fried red curry salmon with vegetables in a red curry coconut sauce and quinoa for dinner. 20150813_140156_001Shaved ice addiction! This place makes artisan syrups for their ice with real sugar and locally sourced fruit. My favorite combination is peach/raspberry. I tried explaining to Scott that shaved ice is closing soon because it isn’t open in the fall/winter. We recently moved from San Diego to Utah. I don’t think he fully grasps that soon he really will have to wear a coat outside!


Little smiles while loading groceries in the car. He is always waiting to shoot us a happy, gummy smile.


Salad with my new vinaigrette addiction. It’s blueberry vinaigrette made with frozen blueberries, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, honey, and salt/pepper. Delicious!


Making freezer peach compote! A giant, sticky mess but oh-so worth it.

20150823_165558I live with all boys. “Meat on the bone” usually goes over very well for dinner. Especially with rice pilaf, peas, and peach compote. 20150828_144838

20150828_150424Happy friends!20150830_170219This recipe from Food 52 was pretty dreamy. Definitely on the to-make-again list.

20150831_143521Taking time to eat a lunch like this feels like a luxury these days! 2 kids is definitely busier than 1. This salad had tomatoes, eggs, avocado, salami, greens, and a mustard dressing.

20150904_141326Only babies chew on their feet for fun! I think he is pretty delicious too!