It’s been a few months since I’ve done a food in review post! That’s because there has been a lot of life in-between going on. So here are some of the things we’ve been up too the last month or so…


Gluten-free German chocolate cake for a family get-together! Recipe here. I used box mix cake (shhh don’t tell!) and homemade frostings. Sometimes you need a time-saver.


Breakfast burritos for days…


Chicken marsala for dinner! Recipe from Cooks Illustrated…


My favorite kale salad ever! Chicken, wild rice, avocado, goat cheese, apples, dried cranberries, and balsamic dressing. I massage the kale with a little fresh lemon juice and olive oil before adding everything else. Inspired by my favorite restaurant salad. See my instagram for the recipe. I love this salad because you can make it in advance and it keeps really well until lunch!


This boy turned 1! Where does the time go?! He is the happiest baby around!


In February my older son was sick for almost the whole month – poor guy! He had a night at the hospital for pneumonia, 5 staples in his head from a fall, H1N1 (?!), food poisoning from school, and a spranged knee all in 1 month. Seriously so crazy! We did lots of homemade chicken soup, rest and probiotics. He is totally better now, but it was a rough go!20160325_111423

He always has a car in each hand these days!


My husband took me on a mini get-away for my birthday with all my favorite things – eating out, shopping, and most of all time with him!



My pie for pie day. I made this butternut squash galette with fontina cheese and carmelized onions on gluten-free pie crust. So yummy!



Sweet potato black bean quesadillas with avocado sauce for dinner!

Pan fried redskin potatoes with kale and onions + scrambled eggs. And hot sauce of course because my husband’s hot sauce addiction has spread to me.


Friday night pizza night! These were supposed to be heart-shaped pizza… One is BBQ chicken and the other is classic pepperoni. I’ve also found a favorite new crust recipe I’ll share!


A few Easter morning pictures before church! I can’t resist those cheesy grins.




Easter dinner! It was so delicious and I forgot to get a picture of everything all pretty before everyone dug in. We had family over and ate sweet baked ham, cheesy au gratin potatoes (so delicious! recipe coming soon), roasted asparagus, drop biscuits, raspberry jello salad (a once a year treat), and a green salad my Mom brought. As well as gluten-free strawberry custard shortcake for dessert. Easter dinner might be my favorite dinner of the whole year!