20151002_092947-2Here are some of the things I ate and did in October! I love getting inspiration from what other gluten-free people eat on a daily basis. I hope these pictures help you!

Lately I’ve been trying to eat a bigger breakfast full of protein, vegetables, and healthy fats. I have a history of adernal fatigue and feel so much better when I start the day with a good breakfast. Above is gluten-free toast, a fried egg, organic chicken sausages, and sauteed kale.

20151003_095132-2This was a weekend breakfast my husband and I made from everything that needed to be eaten in the kitchen. Fried eggs, hash browns, sausage/canadian bacon, sauteed zucchini, and some good tomatoes with salt/pepper.


Pumpkin patch fun with my boys!



I’ve made this recipe from Against All Grain many times. It’s one of our favorites for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

IMG_9453This little guy is 7 months old!

20151008_123031-2I love it when lunch looks like this! Gluten-free pita bread with gluten-free falafel, hummus, and lots of different veggie toppings. It’s from a restaurant here in Utah called Aubergine.


The Gluten-Free Pumpkin Bread mix from Trader Joe’s is delicious! I love making muffins from scratch, but this mix was great to have on hand on a lazy Sunday. I made it into muffins and added mini chocolate chips.

IMG_8941My love of pumpkin goes beyond baked goods. Heirloom pumpkins and pumpkin boys! (and a dying mum…)



I got this book from America’s Test Kitchen in the mail and have been loving it! So far I’ve made the baguettes, brown sugar cookies, and herbed focaccia. All were amazing! It makes a great holiday gift for any gluten-free eaters in your life.


Leftover Gluten-Free German Chocolate Cake from my brother’s birthday! Sometimes I tell myself other people eat donuts for breakfast – then I feel much more justified eating leftover cake for breakfast 😉


This combination has saved me on many busy nights. Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Chicken Nuggets and Fries. My 4-year-old doesn’t mind nights like these!


My boys and I after church!


Roasted Yamples. Aka yams and apples in brown sugar sauce. Recipe coming soon!


Sometimes I make chili just with the intention of having it leftover for chili mac the next day. It’s just chili over Jovial Foods Brown Rice Pasta with a little raw sharp cheddar cheese. So yum! I like this chili recipe best.


Caramel apple thief at my husband’s company’s Halloween party!


A brave knight and a tiny teeny dragon!