20150910_093046Yes you can believe your eyes! That is a gluten-free chocolate croissant. My gluten-free dream come true! I went on a trip with my best girlfriends from college at the beginning of this month to our friend’s beach house is Aptos, CA. I love these ladies so much! They are the kind of friends where you always pick up right where you left off. We can talk about parenting, religion, and life dreams then go to rolling on the ground laughing like our 18-year-old selves in the same night. My friends found a gluten-free bakery nearby and we all went one morning. (Even though none of them have to eat GF!) The chocolate croissant was amazing. They also had a fabulous ham & cheese croissant and delicious donuts. Good thing I live in a different state from that bakery or I’d frequent it way too often!


We all took turns making dinner. On my night to cook I made marinated rosemary lemon chicken and this potato arugula salad.


I brought baby Graham with me! Here he is with my friend’s babies. We all got called the baby brigade every time we left the house.

20150918_121947I’ve been really into having soup for breakfast. I know that’s weird, but it is fast, nourishing and makes me feel so good! This is creamy (no dairy) broccoli mushroom soup made with leeks and homemade chicken stock. I also had some organic chicken sausages and leftover butternut squash.

20150925_122308My life is a balance between being healthy and wanting to enjoy it. The wanting to enjoy it part often includes Friday afternoon lunch dates with my 4-year-old to In-N-Out for a lettuce-wrapped burger (regular burger for him) and fries.

20150923_153840Homemade chicken stock day! I save all the bones from chicken as I cook it keep them in my freezer. Then I throw them all into my crockpot with vegetables and let the stock simmer overnight. Easy and delicious.

Chipotle dinner dates!


If you are “loaf”-averse look away. I happen to like meatloaf occasionally when it’s done right. I made these mini meatloaves with the most delicious glaze (1/2 cup Trader Joe’s ketchup, 1/4 cup brown sugar, 4 teaspoons apple cider vinegar). Along with mashed red-skin potatoes and peas. My boys loved this dinner to say the least.


Soccer mom. (And Grandma!) Scott started soccer this month. It is too funny to watch 4-year-olds play soccer. Aside from the general lack of focus (stopping to watch a helicopter fly by, sitting down to re-tie a shoe, stopping to ask Mom a question, etc.), their whole lives they’ve been told to share and play nicely. Then all of a sudden we’re yelling “steal the ball!” and “be aggressive!” Talk about mixed messages. Scott LOVES it! He isn’t a very aggressive player, but after every game he asks me when the next one will be because he loves it.


Sunday dinner. Roasted chicken with garlic sauteed green beans and cauliflower/parsnip mash. This meal was made amazing by the whole garlic cloves and shallots I roasted alongside the chicken, then smeared over every bite. The gravy was also a winner.


I am definitely going to be recreating these for this blog sometime soon! Sunflower seed freezer energy bars. They are made of sunbutter, dates, coconut, cinnamon, and coconut oil. Perfect for those times when you want something sweet to snack on. The healthy fats keep me full and from eating too much sugar when I’m in a treats mood.



Sharing a smoothie outside during Graham’s nap!


My favorite dairy-free pizza toppings. Sauteed red onion, red pepper, and proscuitto. Then top the pizza with Trader Joe’s pizza sauce, a little dairy-free cheese and the pepper mixture. Add a little crushed red pepper if you like. So good!