Easy, healthy Halloween snacks kids will love! Spider crackers, monster eyes, monster teeth, witches brooms and boo-nanas. Video tutorial included!img_4101

I have a bit of a Halloween obsession, hence these Halloween snacks making an appearance well before October. You’ve been warned!

I’m so excited to share this post with you today because it was a blast to put together. My 5-year-old has asked to watch the video tutorial again and again because he thinks these snacks are so fun too! Spider crackers, monster eyes, monster teeth, witches brooms, and boo-nanas – they are all so fun and easy enough for kids to put together.

I’ve got no problem with caramel corn, candy and treats on Halloween, but it’s great to have some festive snack ideas when you don’t want everything to be so indulgent. All these snacks are great for class parties and are easily gluten-free. They also taste good and are snacks my kids will actually eat which is a win.

Olive Cream Cheese Spider Crackers! An easy, healthy Halloween snack!

First off are these Spider Bites made with olives, cream cheese and gluten-free crackers. Costco sells GF sweet potato crackers which orange and perfect for these. My husband said they look so creamy you almost don’t want to eat then – almost!

Olive Cream Cheese Spider Bites
Ingredients: Gluten-free crackers (sweet potato crackers are orange and festive!), softened cream cheese, large pitted black olives

Instructions: Spread a little bit of cream cheese on each cracker. Cut the olives in half. Leave one half for the body and thinly slice the other half into 6 slices for the legs. Assemble the legs and body on the cracker. Serve!

Bell Pepper Olive Monster Eyes! An easy, healthy Halloween snack!

Next up is Monster Eyes. These tasty little bites are really easy to make with a small circle cutter and a piping bag or ziploc filled with softened cream cheese. You can also use dairy-free cream cheese such as Kite Hill to keep these and the Spider Bites dairy-free.

Bell Pepper Olive Monster Eyes
Ingredients: Bell peppers, softened cream cheese, large black olives

Instructions: Cut the slides of the bell pepper off in 4 flat pieces. Using a small circle cutter, cut bell pepper circles. Place the softened cream cheese in a piping bag with a large circle tip (or in a ziploc with a hole cut in the bottom) and pipe a little cream cheese onto each circle. Slice the olives into 1/4-inch wide pieces. Place an olive on the cream cheese. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

Here’s the video tutorial on how to make them all! 

Peanut Butter Apple Monster Teeth! A healthy, easy Halloween snacks kids will love.

Peanut Butter Apple Monster Teeth! These are a creepy healthy snack made with ingredients I almost always have around. This one is so easy you could make it for a special, spooky after-school snack. You can use any kind of nut butter or sunflower seed butter if you prefer.

Peanut Butter Apple Monster Teeth
Ingredients: Green apples, peanut butter, sunflower seeds

Instructions: Slice the apple. Put a spoonful or two of peanut butter in a small ziploc. Cut a hole in the bag. Squeeze the peanut butter onto one apple slice. Top with another apple and push slightly to stick together. Place sunflower seed “teeth” along the peanut butter. Enjoy!

Pretzel Cheese Stick Witch Brooms! An easy, healthy Halloween snack!

Witch brooms made with string cheese and pretzels. These are my older son’s favorite of all the snacks. He doesn’t eat the chive, but it adds such a cute final touch to the brooms!

Pretzel Cheese Stick Witch Brooms
Ingredients: Cheese sticks, GF pretzel sticks, fresh chives

Instructions: Cut the cheese sticks into thirds. Peel the bottom part of the cheese stick like a broom. Place the pretzel in the center of the cheese stick. Tie a chive around the broom and cut to size. Enjoy!

Boo-nanas! An easy, healthy Halloween snack!

It doesn’t get easier than this. Bananas + chocolate chips = Boo-nanas! My kids are obsessed with bananas and this is a fun, easy way to make them special for Halloween. They make a great healthy addition to any party spread.

Ingredients: Bananas, large and small chocolate chips

Instructions: Assemble just before servings so they don’t turn brown. Cut bananas in half. Place small chocolate chips for the eyes and 1 large chocolate chip for the mouth. Enjoy!



5 Easy Healthy Halloween Snacks! So fun for kids and class parties. Made with ingredients you already have and easily gluten-free!