Want to know more about gluten-free alcohol? Then this is the post for you! Read on to learn more about gluten-free wine, seltzer, vodka, gin, and more.

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Gluten-Free Alcohol

If you have Celiac disease, gluten intolerance, or simply choose to eat gluten-free, it can be difficult to figure out which food and drinks are safe for you to consume. Cooking at home poses its own challenge. But if you’re at a bar or restaurant with friends, finding safe options can be even more overwhelming.

Thankfully, I’ve done some of the leg work for you to make it easier to go out on the town and enjoy gluten-free options. Check out this guide to learn everything you need to know about gluten-free alcohol, including a complete gluten-free alcohol list.

What Alcohol Is Gluten-Free?

Whether you want to enjoy a nightly glass of wine or just hit happy hour on occasion, you may be wondering: which alcohol is gluten-free?

Here’s the short answer: any alcohol that is derived from gluten-containing grains like wheat, barley, and rye is off-limits. On the other hand, any alcohol made without gluten-containing grains is safe for you to consume.

Most wines, vodkas, ciders, and seltzers are gluten-free. But when it comes to mixed drinks and beer, the answer is a little more complicated.

Since regular beers typically have wheat or barley as a main ingredient, it usually isn’t safe to drink on a gluten-free diet. However, an increasing number of breweries are making gluten-free beer made from grains or cereal grains like sorghum, rice, or millet.

Likewise, mixed drinks are made with many different combinations of alcohol, and not all of them are gluten-free.

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What to Look Out For

It’s important to reach the ingredients list when shopping for or ordering alcoholic beverages.


If you’re gluten free, you’ll need to avoid drinks with any of these gluten-containing ingredients:

  • wheat
  • rye
  • barley
  • spelt
  • kamut

To make it easier, look out for alcohol bottles that are labeled gluten free. To be safe, avoid any drinks that say “may contain traces of gluten,” since they may cross-contaminate with gluten during processing.

Gluten-Free Alcohol List

Luckily, there are lots of gluten-free alcohol options on the market today. You’re not just limited to wine. In fact, you can even drink beer — if you look at the right brands.

Check out this list of gluten-free alcohol to learn more.

Gluten-Free Wine

All wine is made from grapes and other fruit, which is naturally gluten-free. This means you can freely enjoy all types of wine, including white wine, red wine, rosés, and sparkling wines. Most cognacs, vermouths, and wine coolers are also gluten-free, since they are derived from wine.

Just be sure to double-check labels on wines with added flavorings, since these may contain gluten.

Gluten-Free Seltzer

Most hard seltzers are made with naturally gluten-free ingredients, including water, sugar, yeast, and flavoring. As long as malted grains are not included on the ingredient list, you can enjoy seltzer without worry.

Even if seltzers don’t have a gluten-free label, they may still be safe to drink on a gluten-free diet. If you’re not sure, check the label to confirm that the drink is free of gluten content.

Gluten-Free Alcohol Mixed Drinks

Mixed drinks are any alcoholic beverages made with two or more types of distilled spirits, liqueurs, or other types of alcohol. While many of the most popular options are gluten-free, not all are. It’s important to double-check the ingredients list to confirm the drink’s gluten-free status.

If you’re not sure, stick with safe options like a gin and tonic or martini made with gluten-free vodka.

Gluten-Free Cider

Like wine, cider is made from fruit and is naturally gluten-free. Most ciders are made from apples and are safe to consume on a gluten-free diet. However, keep in mind that some cider brands may add gluten ingredients or make other gluten-containing drinks within the same facility.

For this reason, check the label to make sure the cider is gluten-free before consuming.

Gluten-Free Vodkas

Most pure, distilled vodkas are safe for people with Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. Even if the vodka is made with gluten ingredients, the distilling process removes the gluten and makes it safe for people with gluten allergies.

Still, as with all drinks on this list, it’s smart to check the label to ensure the vodka does not contain other additives.

Gluten-Free Gin

Gin is similar to vodka — even if it is made with wheat, barley, or rye, it is safe to eat on a gluten-free diet. The distillation removes protein, including gluten proteins. However, it’s important to look out for gin that has other ingredients added after distilling is complete.

Gluten-Free Tequila

Pure, distilled tequila is also gluten-free. It’s usually made with blue agave plant, which is naturally free of gluten. Even tequila made with added sugars is considered gluten-free. But it’s best to look out for tequilas that have flavors added after distillation, since they may contain gluten.

Gluten-Free Rum

Rum is a gluten-free drink made from sugarcane molasses or sugar cane juice. Just be sure to read labels, since some run contains added flavorings or spices that are added after distillation. If these ingredients contain wheat, barley, or rye, the rum is not considered gluten-free.

Gluten-Free Whiskey, Scotch, and Bourbon

Most whiskey, scotch, and bourbon are safe for people with Celiac disease, since the distillation process removes the gluten proteins from the alcohol.

But as with most other types of alcohol, be sure to watch out for drinks that have ingredients added after distillation.

Gluten-Free Liqueurs

Liqueurs are distilled spirits made from rum, gin, brandy, or other hard liquors. Since these types of alcohol have gluten removed during the distillation process, most liqueurs are also gluten-free. As always, be wary of liqueurs that have ingredients added after distillation.

Gluten-Free Non-Alcoholic Beer

Standard beer is not gluten-free, since it’s made with wheat or barley. However, many brands of gluten-free beer are popping up these days. These manufacturers made beer from gluten-free grains like millet, sorghum, or oats. Check the label to find beers made from gluten-free ingredients.


What alcohol is truly gluten-free?

Some types of alcohol are gluten-free, while others are not. Most types of beer contain gluten, since they’re made with gluten-containing grains like barley or wheat. Wines and ciders are typically made with fruit and are naturally gluten-free. Distilled spirits and liqueurs are typically gluten-free, since gluten proteins are removed during the distillation process.

What alcohol is truly gluten-free?

Most wines and ciders are gluten-free alcoholic drinks, since they are made from fruit like grapes or apples. Distilled spirits like brandy, tequila, and rum are also gluten-free. Even if they’re made with gluten ingredients, the protein is removed during the distilling process.

What vodka is gluten-free?

Most pure, distilled vodka is naturally gluten-free. Some of the most popular brands are Chopin and Tito’s. Just watch out for vodka that has ingredients added after distillation, since these may contain gluten.

Does white claw have gluten?

No, White Claw does not contain gluten. It is a hard seltzer made with purified carbonated water, alcohol, natural flavors, and sugars. All flavors are naturally gluten-free.

Is Grey Goose gluten-free?

Yes, Grey Goose vodka is naturally gluten-free. It is made from wheat and water, but the distillation process removes the gluten proteins and makes it safe for people with Celiac disease or gluten intolerance.

Can I drink vodka if I’m gluten intolerant?

Yes, you can drink most types of vodka if you are gluten intolerant. Vodka is typically made from water and ethanol from grains like wheat, sorghum, or rye. All gluten protein is removed during the distilling process, so it is safe for those on a gluten-free diet. Just look out for vodkas that have ingredients added after distillation, since these may contain gluten.

The Bottom Line

Good news! There are lots of gluten-free alcohol options you can enjoy if you have Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. These varieties include wine, hard ciders, distilled spirits, and liqueurs. Pure, distilled alcohol removes gluten proteins, so it is typically safe to enjoy. (Just watch out for alcohol that has gluten ingredients added after distillation.)

There’s just one type of alcohol you’ll need to steer clear of on a gluten-free diet. Most beer is made from wheat or barley, so it’s not safe to consume if you have a gluten allergy. Instead, try a gluten-free beer brand, such as Holiday Brewing Company or Burning Brothers.

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