These gluten free rice krispies treats are gooey, crispy and buttery. They’re made with brown butter, vanilla and just the right amount of marshmallow.

This post includes everything you need to know when it comes to gluten-free crispy rice treats. You’ll find which brands of cereal are gluten-free and what to look for on the ingredient label.

This is also my TRIED-AND-TRUE recipe for the best crispy treats ever. Make this recipe today – you won’t be able to taste the difference!

gluten free rice krispies treats stacked on a white plate

Rice Krispies Treats are a simple pleasure that almost everyone has fond memories of enjoying at one time or another. With crispy rice cereal, butter and gooey marshmallows, what’s not to love?

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Are Rice Krispies Gluten-Free?

Rice itself is naturally gluten free, but not all rice cereal is. Kellogg’s Rice Krispies are currently made with malt syrup, which is derived from barley.

While the company did start making a certified gluten free version of the cereal, they stopped production of it in 2015.

box of rice krispies with ingredient label and malt flavor circled

What makes Rice Krispies NOT gluten-free is the addition of malt flavor in the cereal. Malt is derived from barley which is a gluten-containing grain.

TIP: Anytime you see MALT FLAVOR or a barley derivative on rice cereal it is NOT gluten-free.

box of wegmans crispy rice cereal with ingredient label

However, there are several other brands that make certified gluten free crispy rice cereal. As you can see with the box above (from Wegmans) there is no malt flavor listed in the ingredients so the cereal is gluten-free.

Here are some brands of gluten-free crispy rice cereal:

  • Malt O Meal (top choice)
  • Wegmans (top choice)
  • Erewhon (top choice)
  • Aldi (top choice)
  • Nature’s Path (I don’t recommend this one as much as I don’t like the texture)
  • Barbara’s
  • Back To Nature
  • One Degree

Use gluten-free crispy rice cereal to make these oreo rice krispies treats or peanut butter balls with rice krispies.

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overhead shot of ingredients to make gluten-free recipe for crispy rice cereal treats

Ingredients You’ll Need

  • Gluten free crispy rice cereal – Be sure to use a certified gluten free brand. AKA be sure the ingredient label doesn’t include any barley derivatives.
  • Mini marshmallows – You can use any size of marshmallow, but the mini ones are easier to melt. Most brands are gluten free, but it doesn’t hurt to check the label just to be safe.
  • Butter – Use unsalted for this recipe. Or, if salted butter is all you have on hand, leave out the kosher salt.
  • Vanilla extract – Gives the treats an extra delicious flavor.
  • Kosher salt – A pinch of salt makes all the difference in cutting through the sweetness.
photo shows 6 steps involved in making gluten free rice krispy treats

How to Make Gluten-Free Rice Krispies Treats

Just mix the cereal with brown butter and melted marshmallows and press into a pan. Then, allow them to cool for about 20 minutes before cutting into squares. It’s that easy!


First, line a baking dish with foil and spray with cooking spray. This makes slicing the treats easier – once they are set, just lift the foil out of the pan and cut into squares with a sharp knife.

After you grease and line the baking dish, complete the recipe as follows:

  1. Brown the butter: Melt the butter in a pot over low heat, then start to whisk constantly until it starts to brown.
  2. Add marshmallows: Next, add all but 1-2 cups of the mini marshmallows to the pot. 
  3. Melt, then add vanilla and salt: Continue to cook on low, stirring until everything is melted together. Remove from heat and stir in the vanilla and salt.
  4. Add cereal: Pour in the cereal and mix a few times just until combined.
  5. More marshmallows: Then, add in the rest of the mini marshmallows.
  6. Mix: Stir well until all of the cereal is coated and the last of the marshmallows start to melt.
2 steps involved in making crispy rice cereal treats - scooping mixture into a foil lined pan and pressing it into the pan


  1. Scoop into pan: Transfer the mixture to a greased pan with a rubber spatula or wooden spoon.
  2. Press into pan: Lightly grease or wet your hands, then use them to press the treats into the pan. Don’t compact them too much! Just


  • Storage – Place rice krispy treats into a covered container and store them at room temperature for up to 3 days. They are safe to eat past that, but they will start to get hard.
  • Freezing the treats – Wrap individual treats in plastic wrap or wax paper, then place in a zip top freezer bag. You can freeze them for up to 6 weeks. Thaw on the counter for about an hour before eating. 
  • Use fresh marshmallows – Stale marshmallows don’t melt as well, so always use a fresh bag. Feel free to add more than the listed amount as well, up to a 1:1 ratio with the cereal.
  • Use LOW heat – Don’t rush the process by using a higher heat to melt the butter and marshmallows. In fact, doing so will just result in your treats being rock hard.

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close up shot of rice krispie treats cut on brown parchment paper


Get creative with mix-ins or make themed treats for holidays. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • For a holiday variation try these Christmas Rice Krispies Treats with white chocolate and peppermint
  • Dip in chocolate – Melt chocolate chips or candy melts in the microwave or over a double broiler. Once the treats are set, dip part or all of the treat in the chocolate and let dry.
  • Peanut butter – Stir half a cup of peanut butter into the melted marshmallows before adding the cereal.
  • Fruity or Cocoa Pebbles – Surprisingly, these cereals are also gluten free! Replace part or all of the crispy rice cereal with one of these for different flavored treats.
  • Make lollipops – Instead of making squares, form the treat mixture into shapes around lollipop sticks. Then, lay them on a sheet of wax paper until they are set.

If you love these gluten-free rice krispies treats as much as we do leave me a comment/rating below. I’d also be happy to help with any questions. Happy Cooking! 

stack of crispy treats on white plate
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Gluten-Free Rice Krispie Treats

Prep Time 15 minutes
Cool Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Servings 12
These gluten free rice krispies treats are gooey, crispy and buttery. They're made with brown butter, vanilla and just the right amount of marshmallow.


  • 8 tablespoons butter 1 stick
  • 16 ounces mini marshmallows divided
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 8 cups gluten-free crisp rice cereal see note


  • Line a 9×13 pan with foil and spray with cooking spray. Set aside. Set aside 1-2 cups of the mini marshmallows.
  • In a large pot, melt the butter over low heat. Once the butter is melted start to whisk constantly. First the butter will begin to foam, then after a couple of minutes it will begin to brown on the bottom of the saucepan.
  • Add all but the reserved cup of marshmallows and cook on low, stirring constantly until mostly melted, a few small lumps here and there are ok.
  • Remove from the heat and add the vanilla and salt and stir to combine.
  • Add the cereal and stir 2-3 times then add the reserved marshmallows and continue to stir until the cereal is coated. A few chunks of marshmallows will remain.
  • Scrape the mixture into the prepared pan and using lightly greased or barely wet hands, lightly press the mixture into the pan. Let cool for at least 20 minutes before slicing. Enjoy!


There are several other brands that make certified gluten free crispy rice cereal. Be sure there is no malt flavor listed in the ingredients so the cereal is gluten-free. Rice Krispies in the blue box are NOT gluten-free.
Here are some brands of gluten-free crispy rice cereal:
  • Malt O Meal (top choice)
  • Wegmans (top choice)
  • Erewhon (top choice)
  • Aldi (top choice)
  • Nature’s Path (I don’t recommend this one as much as I don’t like the texture)
  • Barbara’s
  • Back To Nature
  • One Degree


Calories: 188kcal | Carbohydrates: 31g | Protein: 1g | Fat: 8g | Saturated Fat: 5g | Cholesterol: 20mg | Sodium: 145mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 22g | Vitamin A: 233IU | Calcium: 3mg | Iron: 1mg

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    I remembered the vanilla as I was stirring the cereal in! Ah well. They tasted great in spite of the lack of vanilla! Thanks! I’ve been craving rice crispy treats for about 2 months now. You pushed me over the edge!

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    Brown butter in rice crispy treats sounds delish!! I’ll have to try it! Our current favorite recipe uses unrefined coconut oil in place of butter. You’d love it if you like coconut.

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    Recent diagnosis for gluten sensitives makes this recipe a welcome one. I do have an adult version of this recipe that has white chocolate melted into the marshmallows and tossed with dried cherries. Irresistible!

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