My food blog has hundreds of gluten-free dessert recipes, but I’ve narrowed it down to the TOP 25 reader and family-favorite recipes that are perfect for Easter!

I hope you find your new favorite recipe!

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From light and fluffy angel food cake to rich no-bake cheesecake, you’re sure to find several winning gluten-free desserts. So start scrolling—and happy baking!

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Tips for Gluten-Free Baking

Since many traditional desserts rely on gluten-containing wheat flour to achieve a light, chewy texture, there’s definitely a learning curve to gluten-free baking! However, it’s totally possible once you learn a few pro tips like these:

  • Follow the recipe exactly: If you’re new to gluten-free baking, this is not the time to experiment. Gluten-free baking can be finicky, and it’s important to follow every instruction without making any modifications.
  • Measure carefully: Adding too much or too little of any ingredient could affect the outcome, so take your time and measure carefully. Consider getting a kitchen scale to make your measurements even more exact.
  • Use high-quality 1:1 gluten-free baking flour: I like to use gluten-free measure-for-measure flour blend like King Arthur Flour in my baked goods. (It works best to use a blend that contains xanthan gum, like this one!)
  • Let your batter rest: Most recipes will taste a lot better if you let the batter rest for at least 15 minutes before baking. This minimizes grittiness and improves the texture.
  • Don’t worry about over-mixing: Good news! Unlike gluten recipes, gluten-free recipes usually can’t be overmixed. (They don’t contain the gluten that can get tough if the batter is mixed for too long.)

Best Gluten-Free Easter Desserts

carrot cake on white plate with fork
Easy Gluten-Free Carrot Cake
This moist gluten-free carrot cake is easy to make with everyday ingredients, then topped with a blanket of fluffy cream cheese frosting.
It's a gluten free cake that has become a favorite spring dessert at our house. You could also turn these into carrot cupcakes for Easter parties.
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Lemon posset in a small dish, with raspberries on top and a spoon next to it
Perfect Lemon Posset
Lemon posset is an ultra silky smooth dessert that pairs the richness of the cream with the brightness of the lemon! Best of all, there are just three ingredients in this incredibly simple but decadent dessert.
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slice of gluten-free angel food cake on white plate with strawberries
Perfect Gluten-Free Angel Food Cake
Meet the best-tasting angel food cake you’ll ever eat. It's light, fluffy, and ideal for your Easter table.
This cake is best topped with my foolproof 7-minute frosting and fresh strawberries.
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A slice of coconut cake on a plate
The Best Gluten-Free Coconut Cake
This gluten-free coconut cake is one of the best cakes you’ll ever make! It’s soft, moist and covered in fluffy cream cheese frosting. Plus toasted coconut adds the perfect contrast of textures.
My #1 tip for gluten-free coconut cake is to use buttermilk powder for a light and tender crumb! Keep reading for my expert tips on making delicious coconut cake.
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Sliced pound cake on a table
Perfect Gluten-Free Pound Cake
Rich, buttery, and delightfully simple! A good pound cake is one of those desserts that can confidently stand alone. Once you try this pound cake recipe, you’ll never need any other!
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Gluten-Free Strawberry Trifle
This is one of my absolute favorite gluten-free Easter desserts! This trifle has fresh berries, spongy angel food cake, whipped cream, and sweet cream cheese with a hint of almond.
If you’ve been turned off by trifle with instant vanilla pudding and frozen berries in the past, give this one a try!
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a close-up of a gluten-free lemon bar with a bite taken out of it
Gluten-Free Lemon Bars (with Shortbread Crust!)
These gluten-free lemon bars are the ultimate pairing of tart and sweet! Made with a rich shortbread crust and brightly flavored lemon filling, you won't be able to eat just one!
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A closeup of coconut cream pie in a dish
Dairy-Free Coconut Cream Pie (REAL DEAL!)
This dairy-free coconut cream pie is made with a REAL-DEAL dairy-free custard that's thickened with coconut milk and egg yolks. Add bits of coconut, flaky pie crust and a mound of dairy-free whipped topping and you'll be in dessert heaven.
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gluten free cheesecake topped with cherry filling
Gluten-Free Vanilla Bean Cheesecake
This is the ultimate gluten-free cheesecake, and one of my most popular gluten-free Easter desserts!
The texture is smooth, rich, and creamy, and served over an easy, gluten-free walnut brown sugar crust. 
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slice of gluten free vanilla cake on white plate
Gluten Free Vanilla Cake Recipe
The BEST gluten-free vanilla cake you’ll ever make! This cake is fluffy and has a pillowy-soft crumb. Topped with a creamy vanilla buttercream, it’s worthy of any celebration.
I tested this recipe dozens of times to get it just right! The secret to delicious gluten-free cake is skipping the butter and using a combination of sour cream and oil instead. Whipping the batter also makes a light and fluffy cake!
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Carrot Cake Power Cookies
These power cookies are healthy, gluten-free, and vegan. They make great Easter brunch cookies and are full of superfoods. It's a delicious, kid-friendly, easy gluten free dessert!
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gluten-free angel food cake roll on white serving dish topped with berries
Gluten-Free Angel Food Cake Roll
If you’re looking for a delicious and light holiday dessert, look no further! This gluten-free angel food cake roll is filled with a luscious cream cheese and berry filling. It's perfect for Easter!
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A closeup of key lime pie
EASY Gluten-Free Key Lime Pie
This gluten-free key lime pie is the perfect combination of tart, sweet, and creamy. Tucked in an easy gluten-free graham cracker crust, this pie is an easy classic that nobody will guess is gluten-free!
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Plated pineapple upside-down cake
Best Gluten-Free Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Pineapple upside-down cake is a one of those retro desserts worthy of a comeback! Not only is the caramelized sugar and fruit topping delicious—it’s also so fun to reveal when the cake is finished baking. You’ll delight the whole family!
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variations of gluten-free scones on a plate
Gluten-Free Scones (Endless Mix-Ins!)
This gluten-free scone recipe can produce all sorts of scone varieties and flavors. It’s a tried-and-true recipe that creates flaky, light and flavorful bakery-style scones every time! Add them to your Easter brunch spread!
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Gluten-free lemon cake on a cake stand, with a large slice out of it and with lemons on top and on the side
Gluten-Free Lemon Layer Cake
This gluten-free lemon cake is like sunshine on a plate! It’s the BEST lemon cake I’ve ever made!
With a light and lemony cake and a whipped cream cheese frosting, this is one of those gluten-free Easter desserts worthy of any gathering!
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slice of peanut butter pie with gluten free oreo crust on a white plate
Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Pie
This gluten-free peanut butter pie has a smooth, creamy cream cheese-based peanut butter mousse and an easy, gluten-free Oreo crust.
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Gluten-Free Chocolate Mousse Cake
This gluten-free chocolate mousse cake is rich and decadent. With a brownie-like cake layer and cream-cheese-based chocolate mousse, it’s a chocolate lover’s dream. 
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close up shot of fruit salad in white serving bowl
Holiday Fruit Salad
This fruit salad is the perfect fruit side dish for your Easter menu—or any other holiday holiday. It’s a fluffy, creamy, easy recipe that will disappear quickly!
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gluten-free peach cobbler on white plate
Gluten-Free Peach Cobbler
This gluten-free peach cobbler has a fluffy cake topping and is easy to make from scratch! It can be made with fresh, frozen, or canned peaches, so you can enjoy it at family gatherings on Easter Sunday and year-round. 
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gluten free cobbler being scooped out of glass baking dish
EASY Gluten-Free Blueberry Cobbler
This is another cobbler recipe that comes together quickly—no cake mix required! Make yours with fresh, frozen, or canned blueberries at any time of year. It's the perfect addition to the sweet treats and other spring desserts at your Easter parties.
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Dairy-Free Banana Cream Pie {Gluten-Free}
This banana cream pie is made with real dairy-free vanilla pudding and is a delicious option for any Easter holiday gathering. Nobody will ever guess this pie is dairy-free! Plus, you can easily make it gluten-free by using a gluten-free pie crust.
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A slice of gluten-free no-bake cheesecake on a plate with blueberries on top
Gluten-Free No-Bake Cheesecake
This gluten-free no-bake cheesecake is the ultimate easy, decadent dessert. It's rich and cream and —no baking (or heating the kitchen) required!
This is one of my favorite things to make when the weather gets hot! It is the BEST no-bake cheesecake I've ever had. A combination of sour cream, cream cheese and whipped cream make the perfect filling and everyone always asks for the recipe!
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Dairy-free creme brulee in a ramekin, with raspberries on top and a spoon on the side
Dairy-Free Creme Brulee
This dairy-free creme brûlée is smooth, creamy and elegant. Made with coconut milk, egg yolks, vanilla bean, and sugar – it's just as delicious as the classic! It makes a delicious make-ahead dessert.
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close up shot of gluten-free cupcakes
Perfect Gluten-Free Cupcake Recipe
This PERFECT gluten-free cupcake recipe makes moist and fluffy cupcakes. It's sure to become your go-to cupcake recipe! 
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A side view of French breakfast puffs in a casserole dish
Gluten-Free French Breakfast Puffs
These gluten-free French breakfast puffs are our favorite special occasion breakfast treat ever!
They are EASY to make and taste like mini donuts – coated in brown butter and cinnamon sugar!
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If you try one of these recipes, be sure to leave me a comment/rating in the blog post. I’d love to hear from you!

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