You’re not the first to wonder: Is Nutella gluten-free? Read this post to learn all about Nutella and its ingredients.

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There is no doubt that Nutella is delicious. It’s creamy and sweet, milk chocolate with a touch of nutty goodness. It’s the perfect companion to toast and crepes, and it adds a unique flavor to all types of desserts.

But is Nutella gluten-free?

Short answer: Yes! The Ferrero Foodservice website states, “Nutella does not contain any ingredients derived from gluten-containing cereals: wheat, barley, rye, oats or triticale.”

Nutella products that should be avoided on a gluten-free diet are Nutella & GO!, Nutella B-Ready, and Nutella Biscuits. These grab-and-go snack products come with breadsticks and cookies that are made from wheat flour.

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What Is Nutella?

Nutella is a rich, creamy chocolate hazelnut spread. It is a variation on gianduja, a chocolate product developed in Italy back in the time of Napoleon. When cocoa powder was in short supply because of war-time trade restrictions, an Italian chocolatier began making sweets from hazelnut paste mixed with cocoa. Though it was born of necessity, consumers came to crave the chocolate-hazelnut combination!

Inspired by classic gianduja, Italian company Ferrero introduced Nutella hazelnut spread back in 1964, and it has been in production ever since. These days, it’s a huge hit all over the world! Often found at the breakfast table alongside toast or crepes, Nutella is best served at room temperature.

What is in Nutella? According to the Nutella website, Nutella contains the following simple ingredients, in order from most to least:

  • Sugar
  • Palm Oil
  • Hazelnuts
  • Milk
  • Cocoa
  • Lecithin (an emulsifier made mostly from soy beans, but sometimes from sunflowers)
  • Vanillin (artificial flavor resembling vanilla)

As stated on the product label, Nutella does contain these allergens: hazelnuts, milk and soy.

Nutella is certified Kosher and completely peanut-free. (Nutella-producing facilities do not handle peanuts, so there is no risk of cross-contamination.)

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Answer: Is Nutella Gluten Free?

Nutella is definitely gluten-free! It does not derive any ingredients from wheat, barley, rye, oats, or triticale. If you have celiac disease, a wheat allergy, or gluten sensitivity, you don’t need to worry about eating Nutella. It is safe for you to enjoy.

Nutella’s product label does not specify that it is certified gluten-free by the FDA, meaning that it may not have been tested to prove that it comes in at less than 20 parts per million of gluten. Not to worry, though, Nutella is gluten-free even if its label doesn’t guarantee it.

Please note that certain Nutella snack products such as Nutella & GO!, Nutella B-Ready, and Nutella Biscuits do contain gluten ingredients. These products include mini breadsticks and cookies that contain gluten, so they should not be consumed by anyone with celiac disease or a gluten allergy.

Is Nutella Certified Gluten-Free?

In order to be certified gluten-free, the FDA states that a food product must be tested to prove that it contains less than 20 parts per million (ppm) of gluten. Nutella is not certified gluten-free; it is not labeled with this indicator. (Click here for more information about FDA gluten-free regulations.)

However, Nutella does not contain any gluten-containing or gluten-derived ingredients. It is gluten-free.

Nutella does carry another certification: It is certified Kosher. The dairy component of Nutella production meets strict religious guidelines and has been approved for inclusion in a Kosher diet. (Click here to view Kosher certifications.)


can celiacs eat nutella?

Yes, people with celiac disease can safely eat Nutella! While the chocolate-hazelnut spread is not certified gluten-free, it is in fact free from gluten. Nutella does not derive any ingredients from wheat, barley, rye, oats, or triticale.

can celiacs eat hazelnuts?

Yes! Hazelnuts are nuts from the hazel tree. They do not contain gluten. People with celiac disease can safely eat hazelnuts.

Nutella, which contains hazelnuts, is also gluten-free and safe to consume if you have celiac disease.

is nutella healthier than peanut butter?

Nutella is not healthier than peanut butter. The top ingredients in Nutella are sugar and palm oil, followed by hazelnuts at 13%. Peanut butter is made primarily from peanuts, often with sugar, oil and salt added in. Nutella is higher in sugar and lower in protein than peanut butter, so it’s not necessarily the healthiest option on the grocery store shelves.

is nutella dairy- and gluten-free?

Nutella does contain skimmed milk powder, so it is not dairy-free. If you have a dairy sensitivity, you may want to steer clear of Nutella. If you are looking for a dairy-free hazelnut cocoa spread, try Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut and Almond Butter or Nutiva Hazelnut Spread (Classic or Dark Chocolate).

Nutella is a gluten-free product. It does not derive any ingredients from wheat, barley, rye, oats, or triticale.

The Bottom Line

Although your jar of Nutella does not sport a “certified gluten-free” badge, rest assured that it most certainly is free from gluten! Nutella does not contain any gluten grains, so it is safe to eat on a gluten-free diet, and celiacs will not have a problem with it.

Do avoid Nutella & GO!, Nutella B-Ready, and Nutella Biscuits, which contain gluten-laden breadsticks and cookies.

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What to Serve with Nutella

There are so many delicious ways to enjoy sweet, creamy Nutella! It is fabulous spread on toast, drizzled over fruit, or mixed into a decadent homemade milkshake. For a sweet treat, try dipping Granny Smith apple wedges or gluten-free pretzels into Nutella.

Want to sweeten your morning? Try adding the hazelnut and chocolate spread to one of our favorite breakfasts, made with gluten-free flours:

And for a special dessert, drop a little bit of Nutella atop our indulgent Gluten-Free Confetti Mug Cake. Enjoy!

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